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The Hate Bus

Sep 27, 2022

This week: Terrible paintjob, GF mission, Adam Tinypecker, Git nuked, Delicious chicken, Stupid search team, Surgery bad end, Wild coitus, Just flopping it around, Take-out takedown, Stripper-chan, Chinese shenanigans, The Queen's bees, Infested with vermin, Goats love piss, Ninja bear clan and Black market donkey...

Sep 20, 2022

This week: Jack from Ascending the Spectrum joins us, A couple clips from KingCobraJFS, Ignoble Stabbings, Pit Daddy, Workplace Reciprocation, Keister Eggs, Delicious batteries, Secret ingredients, Exert Dominance, Mayoral Vandalism, Bathtub ramen, It's always been piss.

RFI was about Siekiera and Phantasmagoria.


Sep 13, 2022

This week we had a guest again, you can find him over here

RFI was about Kokumarumilk.




Poast TV:

Poast Stream:

Sep 6, 2022

This week: Cory makes a point, Booze and Xanax, Chad Corn in Little Caesars, A cool Canadian, Stalking Spielberg, Too much blood, A lady wants locked up, Bus driver tired of the BS, Ugly broad at the airport, An angry patron, GTAsian, Some monkey business, The Birds, The littlest Bigfoot and Corpse obliteration.

RFI was...