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The Hate Bus

Oct 27, 2020

This week: The ding dong database, Give them the finger, Follow your nose, Castration situation, Anointed in ranch, Fake news from the past, Officer driving out the demons, Pantsless Appleseed, A firehouse tickle fight, The worst date, and as always Dank Disruptions.

RFI was about Exhorder.


Oct 21, 2020

This week: The Stupid Symposium, Zoomin' and Toobin, Boomer butt battle, Stuffed crust pizza, Human speed bump, Flatulation ├╝ber alles, Rocking out, Tik Tok gone right, A child's electrifying experience, Oriental Observations, and The Darkie Dispatch.

RFI was about Cianide and Divine Eve.


Oct 6, 2020

This week: Retard wrangling, Tasty drinks and sweet treats, Pasta projectiles, Wet bandit strikes, Stabbing over spilled milk, Pizza pummeling, One-legged ass kicking contest, Giant gash totem, Unregulated butthole inspections, Bunk junk, Smoked bacon, Public pubic pleasuring, A Greenlee jam, and as always...