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The Hate Bus

Jan 20, 2021

This week: The Dummy Dialogue, Can't stop the rock, Plague police, Fun guy injects fungi, First day nervousness, The moral carjacker, This guy loves pussy, Who gives a hoot, Break dancing, Popped in the mouth, and as always, Black as the Night News.

RFI was part two on Asphyx.



Jan 12, 2021

This week: Moron Mischief, Tactical Crocs, Backside surprise, Airboats are always cool, Praying to Jobu, Mistaken potato identity, Balls on faces, Wedding shitters, Arsed attack, A couple Greenlee hits and, as per usual, Nocturnal Noises.

RFI was about Asphyx. 



Jan 5, 2021

This week: The Mongoloid Minute, That's commitment, E-Tard, Drugtober, Celebrating and Decapitating, Improvidential proposal, This woman is the goat, Misleading mammalian monikers, and as always, Tartarean Tales.

RFI was about Pestilence.