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The Hate Bus

Nov 27, 2019

This week we discussed: Boomer Robber, Hamms Plates, Drunk by way of osmosis, Felonious Wipperman, Demon possession, Belly button meth, South Dakota Meth madness, Jk Prostitute, Mammary Blades, The Missouri Cocksuckers, Hate Bus listener arrested, Cosmonots, Getting sun on Uranus, Will Greenbean story, Jizz Guzzling,...

Nov 19, 2019

This week we discussed: French Pisstries, Alpha Diaper Chad, Streets of poop, Annual clean outs, Madonna plays the Villages, Zak Baggies and spooky crack, Tale of 9 Toes, Sic balls Chopper, Aids and the devil's dinner, Arby's calls out bad parents, Seance of the damned danglers, Benis biting, A story from Will...

Nov 13, 2019

Two years of the Hate Bus! Someone needs to be held accountable and they needs to pay!
RFI was about Godflesh.
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Nov 6, 2019

This week we discussed: Skinhead Spergs, Kifer the Knifer, Road rage Ninja, Swamp Triathlon, Jesus delivers the Apostle's Elbow, Alien vs. MAGA, Japanese Mummy, Auto Reptilian Asphyxiation, No Contact Sex, Brain bashing crucifix machines, Gender reveal pipe bombs, Willian G. story, New fan fic, and as always...