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The Hate Bus

Jun 30, 2020

This week: Cooking the books, The Slobfather, Sloppy slimy burgers, Cripple on cripple violence, Nut job loses a ball, Space Terlits, Sick pizza burn, Twitch lawsuit, Exploding Whale Park, and as always Melinated Murmurs. 

RFI was about Immolation. 



Jun 24, 2020

This week: Hippie rampage, Cold sores Mcgee, Stuffed wang, Farting at police, Hamburger abuse, Too much music and jerking, White Claw outlaw, Bumbling criminal, He wanted to be nice, Munching on undies, Drunk funky monkey, and as always Dusky Dissertations. 

RFI was about the band Macabre.


Jun 17, 2020

This week: A cool dad, Bad brawl in Goodwill, Fighting cars, Those darn Antifa roofers, Back up that milk truck, Erecting Gwar statues, A bunch of nude guy stories, A gosh dang nugget thief, Land mine wind chimes, Russian harlot, Spousal abuse, The cookie monster overdoses, a couple of Greenlee stories, and as...

Jun 3, 2020

This week: Hanging out at the Yacht Club, Plugging your exhaust, Italian pasta riots, Hot Pocket bandit, Redecorating a high school, Fetish for hire scheme, Spooks in the graveyard, Chicken kicking, Spider-Chico, Leave no witnesses, Sole mates, A new glass ass, A few broad stories, A William G. Esq. story, and as always...