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The Hate Bus

Aug 30, 2022

This week: No tards, Kumar the cheater, A whole lotta meth, Piano date, Hot Dog treats, Taco Bell tantrum, A real creep, Seagull-fu, Hating work, Honest drunk, Tobacco troubles, Bad Mother, Bratwurst Royalty, You can never leave Rhode Island, Genital blessings, Flashing flapjacks, a couple Asian stories and Snake...

Aug 23, 2022

This week: Vagina whisperer, The Woo Woo Man, The Abyss Pool, Brutal headbutt, Pizza spear defense, Sandwich slappin, Boofing blood and a plethora of Asian stories. 

RFI was about Necromantia. 




Poast TV:

Aug 16, 2022

This week: Scumbag Cobra and Cool guy Cory, Public dumping, Piss bombs, Targeted by dummies, Pocket pool dimension, Porch pulling, Heavy petting, Refreshing beverage, Induced piracy, Impaled by beach gear, Drunk toddler, Societal prolapse, Sex rental and Git splooted.

RFI was part 3 about Gargoyle.


Aug 9, 2022

This week: New hit song of the summer, The sausage galaxy, Urine trouble, Rumpus, Shit fountains, Butt Hole, Spirit journey, Wild in Woking, Meth is legal, With cheeks wide open. 

RFI was about the band Force. 



Aug 2, 2022

This week: Cobra, Josh and Cory, Laying down the law, Silly oven meme, Black weather, Cooking off some rounds, Tiki bar, Long term grudge, DUI in a Walmart, Aliens vs. Dragons and Knife Court.

RFI was part two about Gargoyle.