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The Hate Bus

Aug 19, 2020

This week: Vehicular silliness, Criminals returning to the scene of the crime, Lil Stinkbait, The Flusher, Cuddling with hookers, Simple man watches porn, Nature fights back, A bunch of stories from the Orient, The return of Will Greenlee, and as always Nocturnal Notifications. 

RFI was about Moonblood.


Aug 12, 2020

This week: Blame Detroit, Misadventures of Marty Jannetty, Boomer gets Zoom bombed, Guacamole shrapnel, The many calamities at Lake of the Ozarks, Oxygenate your butthole, Tagging bears, One fat pig chases down another, Sticky situation in China, Burnt Blabbering, and Postcards from prison.

RFI was about Kiborg.


Aug 6, 2020

This week: Cucumber Melon catastrophe, Accidents happen, Honest junkie, Bare naked Batman, Buffalo Bill ax attack, Horny at Circle K, Castration Situation, The men who stare at loads, Stuffed toy stymies police, Digitized horses, Tanning a Jap's eye, and as always Coal Caterwauling. 

RFI was about Triskelon.