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The Hate Bus

Jun 4, 2018

This week we discuss Anal C**t escalator accident, NOFX makes joke people groan, Antifa shutting down dissident right websites, Shark buffet, Stolen brains named Freddy, Tranny with a scrambled noggin, Pedo politician, Outdoor adventure is too white, Cycling is too white too, Black baby White mama, Starbucks shits the bed, Fight breaks out in the progressive stack, Somali safety squads, WTF is Bluetoothing, Cuck Bakery, Reparations for robbing, Aaron Kibaja a hero for the ages.

RFI was part 2 on the topic of Entombed, Grave , Dismember, and Unleashed.

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Intro Music: Xurious - Battle of Berkeley

Outro Music: The Milkis Band - Supper Dewd