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The Hate Bus

Jul 16, 2024

This week: B-b-b-boner, Cripple piss, The Amazing Gaylord, No cuddlin, Rug burn, Butt Chug, Pocket full of hamsters, Kum and Go, Too many raccoons and Monster hunter.

RFI was part 2 on Coroner.





Jul 9, 2024

This week: Be cool about Fire(works) safety, Brains go bye-bye, A pecker with extra holes, Sandwich shoving, Goober(natorial) Candidate, Live puss peek, Anti Triforce police, Deep sea death wine, Tall Tales, Ghost riding the golf cart and Just one penny. 

RFI was about Coroner pt. 1.


Jul 2, 2024

This week: Jiub returns, Bug juice, Drone patrol, Razor scooter suitcase, Feel the power, Friggin gamers, Enemy umbrella, Adult tricycle, Robot ghost, Nude dude, Wiener wagging, A little cocktail, Who did he burn, More wiener stories, Circumcision in June, Robo skin face.

RFI was about Chronical Diarrhoea.