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The Hate Bus

Dec 29, 2020

This week: The Downsy Dispatch, Family swordplay, Tour guide for junkies, Electronic artwork, The Poo York Times, Lazy millennial cops, Teacher of the year, It's Christmas, Barking the law, The lonely gamer, and as always, Caliginous Chronicles.

RFI was about Absurd.



Dec 22, 2020

This week: Tard wrangling, Fake Santa fake gun, Chainsaw scamp, Repaying your debts, Window pain, A collection of sadness, Obituary oopsie, Decorative bleeding, Stabbing switcheroo, Porch pirate pilfers poop package, Columbian comeuppance, and as always, Nocturnal Notations. 

RFI was about 3 Russian thrash metal...

Dec 15, 2020

This week: Moron Missives, The lawnmower man, Joyriding, Bud Light Mike, Sexual Combat, The smell of money, Chick flick, Pondering patricide, Tard trinkets, Electric eradication, Pissing cryptid, Horse bites man, Soiled stewardesses, and as always, Sable Spiels. 

RFI was about Ebony Tears.


Dec 8, 2020

This week: The Water-Brained Whispers, Titty twister, Bonk!, Officer Baby, Home renovations, Special delivery, Italian walking simulator, Stabbing inward, Injurious impromptu dance party, Bodily fluid dynamics and as always, Melanated Musings. 

RFI was about four bands from Finland.


Dec 2, 2020

This week: Tard Tirades, Disney World of Hurt, Fed up Frenchman, Fugging, Scrotal Ice Skating, Unfortunate decorations, More dick destruction, Prison wallet, Playful pranks, a few Asian stories, and as always Obsidian Orations.

RFI was about Tiamat.